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All Dermalogica products are made in the USA and are free of artificial fragrances, artificial colors, drying S.D. alcohol, and ingredients like Mineral Oil – all of which are known to exacerbate common skin concerns.

With cutting-edge formulas and powerful ingredients, you can be assured you’re giving your skin what it needs to be healthy, and stay healthy, for a lifetime.

Maximize your product results! Use Dermalogica products as prescribed by your Face Mapping® skin analysis, available only from a Dermalogica Professional Expert Plus Skin Therapist at FaceHaven Skin Care Studio.


clearing skin wash, dermal clay cleanser, essential cleansing solution, precleanse, skin resurfacing cleanser, special cleansing gel,  UltraCalming™ cleanser

Cleansers work by emulsifying dirt and oils that collect on our skin. While this step is critical to skin health, the use of soap-based cleansers can irritate the skin’s protective barrier and raise the skin’s pH level.

On a scale from 1 to 14, a neutral pH is 7. The skin’s normal pH level is between a 4 and a 5 (acidic). The majority of soaps are made from lye or potassium hydroxide: alkaline ingredients that can reach in the opposite direction, all the way up to 14 on the pH scale. Using soaps that are high in alkalinity take skin from an acidic state to an alkaline state and strip natural lipids from our skin. This accounts for the tight, pulled feeling you may have experienced after cleansing with soap. While you may interpret this feeling as “cleanliness,” it is actually your skin suffering from a loss of lipids!

Every Dermalogica Cleanser is soap free, and pH-balanced to protect the skin’s natural moisture barrier. It’s the ultimate start to your healthy skin regimen.



antioxidant hydramist, multi-active toner, hydrating, skin purifying wipes, UltraCalming™ mist

The main ingredient in most toners is S.D. alcohol. It gives the “cooling” sensation that so many interpret as a benefit. In actuality, S.D. alcohol is stripping every trace of oil from your skin. Because oils are needed for a healthy skin condition, oil glands then overproduce oil to make up for what has been removed. The result can often be a more oily skin than before. For drier skin conditions, S.D. alcohol can intensify dryness, leading to sensitivity and premature aging.

S.D. Alcohol-based toners should not be a part of your regimen — but, hydrating, alcohol-free toners should be! Dermalogica Toners deliver many skin health benefits, including evening out skin porosity, intensifying hydration, soothing redness, controlling oil production and shielding against skin aging triggers. Dermalogica Toners also extend the life of your moisturizer! You’ll use less when you apply over damp skin that’s been spritzed with a Dermalogica Toner.

If you’ve relied on Alcohol-based toners to deliver the feeling of a “deeper” clean, the skin health experts at Dermalogica recommend the Dermalogica Double Cleanse that starts with PreCleanse and finishes with your prescribed Dermalogica Cleanser. You’ll get that “deep clean” feeling when you effectively remove long-wear make-up, oils and debris without stripping skin.


daily microfoliant®, daily resurfacer, exfoliating face brush, gentle cream exfoliant, multivitamin thermafoliant,™ skin prep scrub.

The human skin produces about one million skin cells every 40 minutes! As skin cells are produced from the deepest layer and move towards the surface, older cells harden, lose moisture, and detach from skin. This process is called desquamation, and it helps eliminates damaged, contaminated cells that carry environmental pollutants.

As we age, desquamation slows, and can cause skin dullness, follicle clogging, and dryness. Through exfoliation, dulling skin cells are effectively removed and newer cells are revealed for a fresher, healthier appearance.

Physical exfoilants including Corn Cob Meal or Rice Bran remove dead skin cells through friction. (Steer clear of exfoliants made of nut shells or ground-up fruit pits, as these will scratch skin, which is dramatically different from exfoliating skin). Chemical exfoliants work by dissolving the intercellular “glue” that attaches skin cells, allowing separation and removal from skin. Chemical exfoliants include Lactic Acid and Salicylic Acid.

Exfoliation can also help minimize the signs of skin aging and hyperpigmentation (age spots), by lifting dull, discolored cells that give skin a mottled appearance. Pair with specific treatments for the signs of aging or hyperpigmentation for maximum skin smoothing and brightening.


active moist, barrier repair, dynamic skin recovery spf50, intensive moisture balance, multivitamin hand and nail treatment, oil control lotion, power rich™,pure light spf50, pure night, redness relief spf20,

Moisturizers are greatly misunderstood, as they do much more than just moisten dehydrated skin! Emollients help keep skin soft and smooth, can help regulate excessive oiliness or dryness, and even help protect against environmental assaults that trigger sensitivity, premature aging and skin damage.

Those with oily or breakout-prone skin conditions are often resistant to use moisturizers out of concern they will increase surface oils and shine. However, surface oils are different than water content in skin, and oily skin can experience dehydration. Dehydration is a lack of water, not oil, in skin. Meaning moisturizers are a must for every skin condition.

While regulating moisture loss, Dermalogica Moisturizers take the care of your skin one step further. If you struggle with excess oiliness, we have a moisturizer that contains “microsponges” that absorb excess surface oils for an all-day matte finish. Skin so sensitive it can’t even tolerate water? We have an anhydrous (waterless) moisturizer that glides over skin and acts as a protective environmental shield. No matter your condition, there’s a Dermalogica Moisturizer ready to improve your skin’s health.


multivitamin power recovery® masque, sebum clearing masque, skin hydrating masque, skin refining masque, UltraCalming™ relief masque

Masques used to be used to tighten skin – sometimes only delivering that tightness by drying it out! Advancements of ingredient technology have progressed the benefits of skin masques: they can now help skin recover from damage, infuse skin with vitamins even clear away breakout-causing bacteria!

Masques are super concentrated and powerful, which is why you only need to use them two to three times a week. The benefit of a masque can be seen almost instantly, as the give an energizing boost to skin. Because masques dramatically benefit skin, they are the ideal supplement to your regimen, delivering cleansing, hydration, or help with skin aging in just 10 minutes.

Concentrated Boosters

Skin Hydrating Booster, Gentle Soothing Booster, Extra Firming Booster, Skin Renewal Booster

Concentrated Boosters are as much a part of your skin care regimen as your cleanser and moisturizer are. They’re the ultimate way to combat your skin’s reactions to the effects of weather, hormonal imbalances and lifestyle stressors. They work well on their own and enhance the effects of other Dermalogica products to make a powerful combination! Customize your at-home treatments for a specified effect everyday. Here are some popular ways Dermalogica skin health experts use them:

Layer under your moisturizer and other treatment products:

Dab some drops of Skin Hydrating Booster around the eyes at night if your skin is dehydrated or extra dry.

Extra Firming Booster has an immediate firming effect in the neck and eye regions – especially on sensitive skin!

Gentle Soothing Booster is great for instantly calming freshly shaved skin.

Mix with your prescribed Dermalogica Moisturizer:

Mix Extra Firming Booster into sheer tint spf20 for a firming effect and a sheer wash of color!

Mix with or layer underneath a Dermalogica Masque:

A few drops of Skin Hydrating Booster mixed with Skin Hydrating Masque makes a dynamic “drink” for skin.

Add a few drops of Special Clearing Booster to Skin Refining Masque for a tough, pimple-fighting superhero masque. (Great for breakout-prone skin!)

Mix with a Dermalogica Exfoliant:

Add a couple of drops of Skin Renewal Booster to Gentle Cream Exfoliant for an extra kick!

Targeted Treatments

c-12 pure bright serum, clearing mattifier, climate control, concealing spot treatment , MAP-15 regenerator®, multivitamin hand and nail treatment, renewal lip complex, skinperfect primer spf30, UltraCalming™ serum concentrate

Your skin is as unique as you are, and is constantly changing due to lifestyle choices and seasonal changes! When specialized care is needed, Dermalogica Targeted Treatments become the essential addition to your daily skin health regimen.

Targeted Treatments are powerful, able to help control a wide range of skin issues including signs of aging around the lips, oiliness and congestion in the T-zone, hyperpigmentation (age spots) and identified areas of sensitivity.

Targeted Treatments, like all Dermalogica products, are free of artificial fragrances and colors, S.D. alcohol, lanolin and mineral oil – all ingredients known to cause sensitization. The best way to maximize skin benefits from Targeted Treatment is through a skin analysis and prescription from your Dermalogica Professional Skin Therapist.

Eye Treatments

age reversal eye complex, intensive eye repair, multivitamin power firm, soothing eye make-up remover, total eye care SPF15, ultrasmoothing eye serum.

The skin around the eye area is thinner and more delicate than anywhere else. Continual free radical assault breaks down collagen and elastin fibers that help keep skin smooth and firm. Tissue in this delicate area also has fewer oil glands to help block penetration of topically-applied products or chemicals from the environment.

Combine this with decades of squinting in the sun, late nights, lack of sleep and inadequate environmental protection and you have the tell-tale signs of eye area aging.

The most prominent eye area concerns include wrinkles (crow’s feet), puffiness (under eye bags), dark circles due to hyperpigmentation, and skin sensitivity due to dehydration. When treating these issues, it is important to take care not to use anything that will cause irritation.

For this reason, Dermalogica Eye Treatments deliver a uniquely effective level of preventative care and protection from future assaults without over-stimulating this delicate area. The result is an eye area that is healthy and reflects fewer signs of skin aging.

Daylight Defense

Skin is an excellent record keeper. Every moment of exposure to daylight adds up like money in the bank – the problem is the payoff known as sun damage (also known as photodamage). As the top cause of premature signs of skin aging, sun damage shows on skin in the form of wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, and can lead to a repressed immune system and the potential for skin cancer.

Statistics show that one in six individuals will develop skin cancer, and 90% of these cancers are the direct result of ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun.

Even if exposure is limited to brief outdoor lunches or a 20-minute walk, cumulative exposure is enough to cause the signs of skin aging and increase the risk for skin cancer.

The first line of daily defense against sun damage is daily use of SPF. Even on cloudy or overcast days, UV light can strike skin and cause damage, so simply wearing sunscreen on sunny days isn’t enough.

Research has found that antioxidant vitamins are as important as sunscreens when defending skin from the aging and burning effects of damaging ultraviolet (UV) light and free radicals. For this reason, Dermalogica products feature UV Smart Booster Technology, a customized microcapsule that safeguards active vitamins, then bursts open upon contact with UV rays, releasing an active ingredient complex of Vitamin C and Vitamin E for maximum free radical protection.

UV Smart Booster Technology actively diffuses free radicals when protection against them is most needed. This powerful vitamin complex, when formulated with sunscreens, also provides enhanced protection against UV-induced damage without the need for higher concentrations of potentially-irritating sunscreen ingredients found in products with high Sun Protection Factors (SPF).

UV Smart Booster Technology and sophisticated sunscreen formulations with skin health benefits (think less chalky, less greasy) make SPF a convenient addition to every morning routine!


soap-free cleansing bar , close shave oil, daily clean scrub, daily defense block spf15, invigorating shave gel, post-shave balm, pre-shave guard, shave system kit

As skin care professionals, we know shaving impacts skin health: ingrown hairs, irritation and redness are just some of the visible signs of trauma your skin undergoes when you take a razor to it.

Simply put, shaving is a form of mechanical exfoliation. Shaving triggers a high level of visible irritation and can serve as a form of over-exfoliation, as well as lead to a compromised lipid barrier. When the skin’s lipid barrier is compromised, there is an increase in moisture loss, which leads to dry, scaly, cracked skin and a sensitized skin condition.

Further dehydration can occur in the lower layers of the epidermis when the skin’s lipid barrier is compromised. A dehydrated skin leads to inefficiencies in the physiology of the skin, in particular, enzymes responsible for normal desquamation.

Skin dryness can increase skin’s susceptibility to a various number of shaving concerns, including Pseudofolliculitis barbae (ingrown hairs and razor bumps), razor burn and sensitivity.

To ensure a clean, streamlined shave and minimize skin trauma, both beard growth and skin condition must be considered when selecting your regimen. Dermalogoica Shave dual-action products are customized to meet skin care and beard growth needs, and allow skin care professionals to outline a straight-forward, three-step regimen that includes products for the Pre-Shave, Shave and Post-Shave process. Each step acts as a progression, designed to help further eliminate the top skin care concerns brought on by shaving.

The Dermalogica Shave system offers a complete regimen to guarantee not only the closest shave possible, but also your healthiest skin ever.

Body Therapy

body hydrating cream, conditioning body wash, exfoliating body scrub,hydro-active mineral salts, stress relief treatment oil,the ultimate buffing cloth, ultrarich body cream

Correct care of the skin on your body is vital to proper health maintenance, as well as the avoidance of the signs of premature aging. Dermalogica Body Therapy products are free of artificial fragrances and colors and deliver an aromatherapeutic, skin healthy experience in-between visits to your skin treatment center, salon or spa!

Skin Kits

AGE smart™ starter kit,  mediBac clearing™ adult acne kit, meet dermalogica kit  shave system kit, skin kit – body therapy

This Dermalogica Skin Kit contains a full regimen of what your skin needs most. If you’re a first-time Dermalogica user, then prepare yourself for great skin. And, if you’re already hooked, these convenient travel sizes will bring professional skin care wherever you’re going today. Use as directed by your Dermalogica Professional Skin Therapist.

Daily Groomers

environmental control deodorant, shine therapy shampoo. silk finish conditioner

Shine Therapy Shampoo and Silk Finish Conditioner
Struggling with hair breakage, thinness, and excess oiliness? These hair conditions could be stemming from your scalp!

Improve hair and scalp health with Dermalogica Shine Therapy Shampoo and Silk Finish Conditioner. Both are pH-balanced to deliver the benefit of a purified, stimulated scalp and super clean hair with a healthy, silky finish. Clarifying and stimulating extracts of Tea Tree and Eucalyptus purify, remove excess oils and debris, and stimulate the scalp. Wheat proteins, Vitamin A, Pro-Vitamin B5 and Ylang-Ylang extract deliver a soft sheen and manageability.

Environmental Control Deodorant
Blaming perspiration for your underarm odor? Perspiration is actually nothing more than water, salt and Urea: and is completely odorless. Only when perspiration comes in contact with bacteria, and the bacteria begin to break down, do unpleasant odors manifest.

Bacteria aren’t the only triggers of underarm odor: certain toxins can cause underarm odor, and, some research reveals that hormone changes and metabolism rates of women who are going through menopause can play a role in body odor. Keeping the area clean while wearing breathable clothing is the best way to keep underarms of odor.

If you’re struggling with underarm irritation, skin health experts recommend switching from an anti-perspirant to a deodorant that is free of aluminum. Aluminum salts in anti-perspirants can cause contact dermatitis: an inflammatory skin reaction triggered by allergens or irritants.

Environmental Control Deodorant is free of potentially-irritating aluminum and is fortified with a refreshing, aromatic blend of essential oils to naturally fight odor. An aromatic essential oil blend of Parsley, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Lemon and Rosemary (bacteriostats and bacteriacides) help inhibit and eliminate odor-causing bacteria. An added benefit: the clear formula won’t stain clothing and leaves no white residue.